Celebrating our 150th anniversary this year, we are mindful of all the people who have made Port Williams United Baptist what it is today: a vibrant ecumenicalinclusive congregation, committed to community and service. During those 150 years, many committees accomplished many things, many leaders helped point the way forward, and many “precious souls” inspired their fellow members by word and deed.

Fortunately, some of that activity and personality is still with us: embodied in the decisions that were made, actions taken, and sketches and pictures of past and present members.

The Archives Committee has decided that we need to preserve and promote that history. Below you will find a list of archival material. Some of it you can download, some is in the church office and you may view it, and some resides in the archives in the Kirkconnell Room in the Acadia Library.

…for now, please bear with us as we build the site.

The front of the sanctuary before Lockwood Hall was built. The coloured window is still inside the wall, behind the cross.
Tobin Lockwood was Sunday School superintendent from 1920 until his death  in 1957. He bequeathed money to build a recreation hall where the young people of the Port Williams community might engage in wholesome recreation.
Have you noticed the mirror in the lobby of the church? It has been modernized, but the first one had a  very practical purpose….. …some parishioners have requested a suitable mirror be placed in the lobby of the Church. This, for the purpose of adjusting ladies hats and straightening unruly hair.

Deacons minutes December 30, 1973

Documents you can Download

Complete Church History 1868-2017

Church Memories

The Church in the News 1941 -1977

Opening of New Extension-2000

Vignettes 1902-1975

Documents in the Church Office


Documents in the Acadia Archives