Sunday Services

10:00am: Join us in the Sanctuary as we worship God. All ages gather together, and then, after a Children’s Time, the children leave for their respective programs. Children under the age of 4 go to the Nursery, those aged 4 to 7 go to the Children’s Worship Centre, and ages 8-11 will go to Sunday school.

There will be a Sunday School class for ages 12+ on the third Sunday of the month. Leaders will help to direct the children to the appropriate place, but parents are always welcome to accompany their children as well.

During the summer months, a children’s program is offered during the church service in place of Sunday school.

11:15am: Sunday School for Adults (September through May)


20 August 2017

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13 August 2017

Bulletin: 13 August Bulletin

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6 August 2017

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30 July 2017

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23 July 2017

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16 July 2017

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9 July 2017

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2 July 2017

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25 June 2017

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18 June 2017

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11 June 2017

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4 June 2017: Pentecost Sunday

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14 May 2017

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23 April 2017

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9 April 2017: Palm Sunday Service

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